McAfee Command Line Scanner Project (MCLSP) V.1.2

Today I am releasing a new version (v.1.2) of the McAfee Command Line Scanner Project (MCLSP).  Recently, users have been complaining the custom A/V scan ISO exceeds 700 MB in size. This makes it impossible for use on hosts that have older CD drives. I determined the cause of the bloat was development updates to the Wine project. It seems a number of Microsoft font packages have been added. One of those font packages is more the 50 MB in size!

This new version no longer downloads required packages from the Internet. Instead, a new folder (pkg) has been added to the build system that contains all required .deb packages. Now the size of the custom ISO is only 569 MB. I also added two new build scripts that allow you to build a ‘report-only’ ISO that reports but does not clean malware off a host, or a ‘clean-files’ ISO that cleans/deletes malware found on a host.

Special thanks to Stephen Del Vecchio for reporting the big ISO problem. He also took the time to scrub the build scripts and edit the project documentation.

Hope you enjoy this new release.


NOTE: This project is not affiliated with McAfee. It respects all licenses. trademarks, copyrights, patents, and intellectual property of McAfee, Inc. of Santa Clara, CA. You are expected to do the same.

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