Secure and un-clutter your life (How-To)

If you are like me, you have little tolerance for unsolicited telemarketing calls  and junk mail credit card and insurance solicitations. Another concern we share as security professionals is identity theft. About a year ago, I did a lot of research into these topics and developed a systematic approach to end the intrusive calls, remove 95% of the junk mail in my residential mailbox, and lock down my credit.

I wrote a ‘How-To’ to walk you through the simple steps of taking back ownership of your phones, mailbox and credit. The document is posted on the ‘How-To’ page. These simple steps really work. The only calls I get are from organizations that congress (foolishly) exempted from the ‘Do-Not-Call’ laws, such as political campaigns and non-profits. I get zero credit card and insurance solicitations. I also have security freezes on my credit from all three bureaus making it nearly impossible for an extension of credit in my name without my knowing about it.

Download this ‘How-To’ and send it to your friends and relatives.


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