My little corner of the Internet

I am a digital security consultant currently working for Foundstone, a division of McAfee. Long on my ‘To-Do’ list is an entry to create a blog. On the last day of 2010 – I can check this item as complete. I now have a blog.

The focus of my blog is emergency incident response (IR)  and digital forensics. This is my world. What I love to do. In fact, I spend most of my life on the road assisting organizations deal with emergency security incidents.

Here I will post items of interest I learn along the way. I also have a passion for creating useful (and free)  IR and forensic tools. I will post these also as I complete the proper documentation.

I am committed to fighting Internet evil, even if it has to be done one computer at a time.

Tonight I will raise my champagne glass and honor all you ‘White Hats’  who fight the good fight and never give up.


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